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Customer Care

About Your Bill

To find important information about your billing statement, please click on the numbers below.
Your account number is located in the upper right hand corner of your billing statement (bullet 4 below).
Customer Name and Mailing Address
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Check this area for any special messages
about your bill or about the City of Rockwall

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Bottom portion of the bill is the Payment Coupon.
Tear on perforation and return with proper payment.

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Account Information portion of bill.
Displays your Account Number, Customer Number, Service Address, Read Dates, Bill Date, Due Date.

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Displays your meter usage. Current and previous consumption,
along with total usage for the month.

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New charges.
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Total Amount Due
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Instructions for submitting payment.
If you are paying online please disregard.

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The amount customer is to pay on or before the due date on the statement.
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Remit address.
When mailing in payments please be sure that this
address shows through the remit envelope.

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